Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

The Movement

What About Us is more than music focused initiatives, it is a MOVEMENT giving a voice to young people to promote peace, protest war and speak up for their beliefs.

The Artists are showing the way, providing a leadership role. In our project workshops the team are showing that existing barriers to peace and harmony can be broken down and bridges built between people in conflict.

It’s the Music, the Artists that Can Inspire a Movement, lead from the front

The artists are demonstrating the capacity to connect, work and socialize with other young people from opposing cultures and religious backgrounds; providing an opportunity to challenge leaderships and the status quo at this decisive moment in human history.

2021, workshops in Dublin
2021, workshops in Israel
What About Us workshops

Change will only happen if we all shout out for it

The What About Us website and social media channels are giving a voice to young people to speak up and protest for change. As of November 2023, we have almost 100,000 followers and 1,000,000 content views per week. Imagine the noise we could make with 10 million followers, 100 million followers!
Every time you like, comment on, or share What About Us social media content you are calling out for change, amplifying our messaging and a becoming a leader, a digital protestor. You are supporting the What About Us core belief that Peace is our only future, ending all wars a priority and love over hate always wins. We need you.

Join Us, speak up for the world, share with us anything you would like to change in the world and using the hashtags:
#whataboutus #whataboutusmusic #whataboutusnow #whataboutusaction

We hope you will enjoy reading our blogs

What About That Week!

As week two of the workshops for the new protest musical What About Us commence,  I felt it was time for a quick recap on our amazing first week. We moved

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Who We Are?

Shoshi Israeli Choreographer, dancer, and all round fixer, Shoshi Israeli, knows all about breaking down borders. A passionate member of the What About Us team, Shoshi brings all her contacts

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A magical Night, very touching

“A magical night, very touching”, the words of Shoshi Israeli one of the What About Us Founders and a driving force behind the creative team. Shoshi was the organizer of

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Rapping for a better future

A new face for the music industry It is not often that the music industry can chart the progress of a young prodigy from the stages of his singing outside

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