Music has the Power to Unify People, Spark Change, End Wars, Inspire Peace


During the Covid years creative development of the What About Us stage experience kicked off in Ireland. In 2020 workshops commenced with over 50 young talented artists in collaboration with the Irish Youth musical Theatre (IYMT), which was founded by the Artistic Director Seimi Campbell. 

Over 50 young talented artists in collaboration

The online workshops focused on the development of war-based themes including the causes and consequences of war as well as concepts & ideas for a story.

In the summer of 2021, as the Covid threat was diminishing, 5 weeks of in-residence creative development and workshops took place in the Irish Institute of Music and Song (IIMS) in Balbriggan, Dublin. Seimi worked with 20 young artists developing song, dance, story, and stage themes. Seimi was supported by top West End talent including Theatre Director Sally Cookson and Choreographer James Cousins.

Summer 2021 – The creative workshops in the Irish Institute of Music and Song (IIMS) in Balbriggan, Dublin.

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The next phase of creative development in Ireland is scheduled for December 2023 followed by an intense 2024.

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