Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    


The What About Us Podcasts are an opportunity to talk about the causes and consequences of war and delve deeper into the personal stories of people suffering because of unnecessary wars and conflict.

The Podcasts are also aiming to give a voice to artists, musicians, songwriters, and a younger generation who see music and song as a way to connect people rather than divide them.

We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcasts

Sep 2021 –Bronagh Loughlin chats with Ciara Feehely Head of Communications and Fundraising at Vita Ireland.  

Aug 2021 –Bronagh Loughlin speaks with Irish writer, Siofra O’Donovan one of the Co-Founders of What About Us

Jul 2021 –Bronagh Loughlin speaks with production executive Ali Lyons about the What About Us creative workshops taking place in Balbriggan.

Jul 2021 –Bronagh Loughlin chats with Choreographer Shoshi Israeli, one of the Co-Founders of What About Us.

Jul 2021 –Bronagh Loughlin speaks with Stephen Byrne, CEO, Producer and one of the Co-Founders of What About Us