Anti-war live stage & music experience

What About Us is an anti-war live stage & music experience inspired, developed, and performed by a new generation of creative talent, young international artists representing the What About Us voice for change. 

The Dream

To Leave behind a better world for our Children, than the one we inherited

The What About Us Foundation

The Foundation has an inspiring and challenging mission-Through Music and the Arts, to build bridges of peace and love between communities at war and in conflict.

What About Us Music Blogs
We need a change

The Movement

What About Us is more than a music focused Foundation, it is a MOVEMENT giving a voice to young people to promote peace, protest war and speak up for causes they believe in. Through our project workshops and inter community dialogue the cultural interactions of the participants are demonstrating that existing barriers to peace and harmony can be bro-ken down and bridges built between people in conflict.

“A movement for change”

The artists are demonstrating the capacity to connect, work and socialize with other young people from opposing cultures and religious backgrounds; providing an opportunity to challenge leaderships and the status quo at this decisive moment in human history.

The What About Us website and social media channels are giving a voice to young people to speak up and protest for change.

Join Us, speak up for the world, share with us anything you would like to change in the world and using the hashtags:





What About Us,

The anti-war live stage & music experience

What About Us is an anti-war live stage & music experience inspired, developed, and performed by a new generation of creative talent, young international artists representing the What About Us voice for change

Over 50 talented young composers, writers and singers are developing the creative. They come from 20+ countries including countries affected by war, conflict, and terror. They include Israel, Palestine, and Ireland, where the story is based.

The story addresses key societal issues this generation is facing such as increasing armed conflicts, people & sex trafficking, leadership corruption, and refugees forced to leave their home because of war or persecution, wrapped up in a beautiful love story.

The Passion of the team

“It’s inspiring working with young artists in conflict zones who are promoting peace over war, love over hate and are challenging the status quo, poor leadership, through music”.
Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne
CEO, Producer
“What About Us is an epic protest music experience that embraces East and West, crosses sensitive borders and brings the hope of peace through incredible music and dance. It’s a protest through music for our times.”
Dess Cullen
Des Cullen
Creative Director
“What About Us is a project that leads by example. It brings together artists from opposing sides in conflict zones to show that it is possible to forget our differences. At the same time, it is a call to action for people to start caring more about each other and about the world. The world doesn’t belong to us, we only have it on loan during our lifetime, and as tenants we should care for it and pass it on to the next generation in good shape. That next generation is asking “What About Us?”
Shoshi Israeli
Creative Director, Israel, and Palestine

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The What About Us World Band

What About Us is opening new opportunities for Artists to collaborate across Borders. Our platform has been built using new digital tools that enable Artists to meet virtually, share ideas, explore artistic directions, write songs, compose music, and create new and original work.

A short-term goal is to enable the Artists to commercialize their work through the What About Us platform, brand, and industry relationships.

The first anti-war protest album, featuring songs from multiple Artists, is under development.     


The What About Us Creative team has hosted numerous workshops, virtual and in-person, building cross community relationships; music being the common voice that connects people.

Workshops to date have connected the Nationalist and Unionist communities in Ireland and collaborating Artists in Israel and Palestine. 

The workshops will continue as a focus for the team, connecting communities in conflict through Music and the Arts.  

Workshops are also providing mentorship to interested, keen and emerging Artists that perhaps cannot afford professional guidance.


Musical Instruments

What About Us have a community program collecting previously loved and used musical instruments and distributing them to underprivileged young people who are eager to explore their artistic capabilities. 


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