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Cameroon has been plagued by a civil war, since 2016, between the majority French speaking community and the minority anglophone population. Cameroon is also one of the poorest countries in Africa, one of the reasons we travelled there.

The focus of the work was the hospital and local primary school

In 2018 and 2019 What About Us (then called RippleZoo) organized two volunteer trips, to Batoufam, close to the conflict zone. The travelling team of 12 worked in the local community and completed projects with hired local labour. These included the construction of a water tower for the local hospital and the installation of running water, toilets, and showers.

The volunteers and the community worked side by side.  

Long days, physical work, great camaraderie and  friendship  

Supporting local Education was a Key Goal

All of the classrooms in the local primary school were upgraded and 3 classrooms completely reconstructed. A computer laboratory was constructed and kitted out. Schoolbooks were purchased for all of the students in the school and university fees paid for a number of students who needed financial support.

Over €1 Million in Medical Supplies

The team secured over €1 million in donated medical supplies and between 2018 and 2020 shipped three forty-foot containers to Cameroon.

2019 in Cameroon – The experience on Video

Continuing to support education

The team are continuing their support in Cameroon, primarily paying the fees for students wanting to continue their education, though who can’t afford the costs.    

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