Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

On Stage

At the What About Us core is an anti-war live stage & music experience inspired, developed, and performed by a new generation of creative talent, young international artists demanding change. Much of the creativity originates in war torn countries, conflict zones and in underprivileged communities.

What About Us, The live Stage and Music Experience

One night in 2017, overlooking the old city of Jerusalem, frustrated by the politicians, and inspired by artists ability to connect through music, What About Us was born. And we laid out our ambition that night; anything we do must be epic, a live stage experience so powerful that it can move people to action, so entertaining that it can travel the world and secure a residency in the West End and Broadway. We set the bar very high and our focus, our goal, our belief is that we can reach it, maybe surpass it.

Peace Not War

Our creative focus and theme Peace not War connected us with artistic talent still recovering and reconciling from the troubles in Ireland. Our journey also brought us to Israel and Palestine, two countries plagued by wars. More recently we journeyed to Ukraine where the local people are suffering terribly, families devastated and with over 6 million refugees having to leave their country. A further 8 million are displaced internally, their homes and communities destroyed. Their fight is a fight for freedom, against tyranny, a just war if there ever was one. The price is heavy, too many young people the majority of the injured and dead.

Protests Against Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A Peace Mural in Belfast

Over 50 talented young composers, songwriters, lyricists and singers have been contributing to the development of the creative. They come from 20+ countries including countries affected by war, conflict, and terror. including Israel, Palestine, and Ireland.