Overview and Governance

The What About Us Foundation has a specific Mission and Goals that are supporting artistic initiatives and disadvantaged young people, especially inside conflict zones, building bridges through music.

The What About Us Foundation supports charitable causes though is not a charity. What About Us defends human rights which prevents it from being a charity.

The Financial Accounts are prepared annually and publicly available.

The Trustees

There are 5 Trustees. All Trustees are volunteers who are not paid any fees.

The Trustees are responsible for all financial matters including approving all expenditure.

The Trustees are responsible for all compliance, transparency, and accountability matters.

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne

Co-founder and Producer


Julie Hamilton


Edward Evans

Edward Evans

Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan


The Foundation Mission And Goals


Through music, to build bridges of peace between communities at war and in conflict. 

The Foundation Goals

Providing artistic support, training, and opportunities to disadvantaged Children

Providing young people with musical instruments and musical education includ-ing individual lessons and group/band/orchestra training.

Providing young people with musical instruments and musical education includ-ing individual lessons and group/band/orchestra training.

Learning and playing music together in workshops supported by professional musicians and artists.

Attending workshops countries and communities in conflict in-cluding Israel, Palestine, and Ireland, the locations for the What About Us story and musical.

Access to opportunities within the Arts community through expo-sure and introductions

Support for the provision of sustainable employment and produc-tive career paths

Creating original music and performing Concerts.

Including the creative development and participation in the origi-nal What About Us musical.

Helping artists to commercialize their work

Using blogs, podcasts, and social media to deliver positive messaging in and around What About Us project. The content is promoted through the What About Us website and social media channels.

Occasional PR campaigns to highlight specific initiatives.

Including support for improving the health, safety, and quality of life of participating artists, their families and community

Helping to build character, confidence, integrity, motivation, desire and belief in young people from both sides of any conflict divide through the exposure to posi-tive initiatives and common goals.


The What About Us Foundation is a shareholder in What About Us Limited, the company that owns the rights to the musical.

It is hoped that the musical will be a commercial success and dividends from the company to the Foundation will help fund the work of the Foundation.  The earliest date that the Foundation can expect a dividend payment is 2025.

In the Interim the Foundation is focusing its fundraising on two programs:


Commercial branding opportunities for businesses. 

Patron Program

Donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations

For more information

Stephen Byrne
+353 862 489 402