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Albanian police rescued malnourished and sick animals from the “zoo-hell” in Fier, southwest of the country just a day after Daily Mail reported on their plight. Pictures taken anonymously by a photographer showed a skinny-looking lion living in cramped conditions with an untreated eye injury. Moreover, the photographer also told that other animals, including a zebra, a wolf, and several deer, were kept in tiny, unhygienic concrete cages with no possibility to retreat from the elements or the prying eyes of visitors to the zoo. “The animals suffer from a range of physical and psychological issues caused by the miserable conditions, improper veterinary care and lack of an appropriate diet,” was written in the report.

After reading the news story, Albania’s Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, immediately requested the animals to be rescued. He told “In response to the news published in the Daily Mail and dozens of messages on the unacceptable situation where some animals live in a private zoo in Fier, I urgently ordered the launch of an action by the Environmental Inspectorate, which in cooperation with the Fier Police and the Animal Protection Association have decided to displace the animals”.

Also, The International Animal Welfare Organization called the situation at the zoo unacceptable. “The conditions do not even come close to being appropriate, particularly for large wild animals like lions and bears which have particular environmental and dietary needs,” commented Ioana Dungler, the Wild Animal Department’s head. “We’re just glad the animals have a chance for a happier life in the future,” she added.

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