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Keeping Connected When Feeling Wired

Keeping in touch has always been upper most on our minds when our lived ones have been far away for periods of time and when we are not in a position to meet up with them on a face to face basis. The usual form of communications such as telephones and emails have proved to have been tried and tested down through the years but now people are branching out and using technology in more ways than they did before.

Since the arrival of the corona virus to our shores last spring, people have been told to stay apart where possible and for their own health and safety. This has proven to have been a challenge in itself for every one, young and old, who have reached for mobile and desktop technology to maintain links with those cherished to them, in a bid not to lose touch with them and to help them not to be lonely in the process.

Just a year ago, the word zoom summoned up images of things moving fast and with speed, in the actual world as well as in the technological sphere. Life had to move quickly due to the needs of society and the pace of people’s lives. Zoom has now embedded itself into people’s lives even after they have slowed down a considerable amount, and has adjusted itself as a communications tool to fit the less frenetic nature of the new Covid-19 world that we live in.

Zoom has become the corner stone of the corona virus world that we live in these days, and has allowed those sitting at home, pining for their loved ones, to reach out and almost touch those who are not in their lives these days. The faces can be seen, the voices can be heard and the link between people, while not quite as it may have been before, fills the hearts with warmth and encouragement that they are not alone. Zoom has homed in on people’s lives and kept them going through the health crisis.

A lovely way of keeping in touch with people you care about in the midst of self isolation and health crisis is to use skype, which can be used on any device including the mobile telephones. Skype can be used for messaging and also to see the face of the person you are talking to, a very useful facility, and it is even possible to see the wrinkles on the face of the one on the other side of the line. If you crack a joke or shed a tear, it is useful to know how the other person is reacting to you, and he may even be reaching out a handkerchief to you to wipe those sad tears.

It is often important to see the face of a friend, or hear the voice of the one you’re talking to down the line, you can share a gag or relate what has happened during your day or the time since you last connected with him. A problem shared is a problem solved in a lot of cases, and the problem can cease to be one when a weight is lifted off your mind or your chest. On the other hand, you might be talking to someone who is a good listener and it might be a good idea to give the loved one the problem for him to work out instead of you.

Not every one has the time to sit down and load skype to have a long chat with another person and this is where it is useful to try short messaging, to type out short notes and then go on your way. Facebook messenger and whatsapp give a person the ability to share short updates on what is going in life, without having to leave the front door of their home, and offers the opportunity of sharing experiences and feelings with anyone around the globe.

Keeping in touch with people and maintaining existing friendships is beneficial to people’s health, it stops us from feeling lonely and helps us feel that little bit valued. It all helps us to consolidate friendships that are existing and long standing and at the same time get rid of friendships that were going nowhere. Dead wood can be sorted out as well in the process. By keeping in touch through social media or by way of technological packages, people can often find friends where they were not thought to have existed and can make new relationships. In keeping connected these days, loneliness is kept at bay too.

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