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Moringa – The miracle tree

The Moringa tree, widely used in the Philippines is a small, scraggly tree with the most amazing nutritional and medicinal benefits. It grows well in arid, sub-tropical areas and has multiple uses in cooking, cosmetics and supplements. 

Moringa is high in antioxidants, protein, vitamin A. It improves mood and energy levels. In Senegal they have been using the leaves from the Moringa tree to treat childhood malnutrition. Healthcare workers pound the leaves to produce a powder which can be added to food and it resulted in healthier, bright eyed, energetic children.

In Cameroon, our colleagues in ‘Water for Cameroon’ have been promoting the benefits of the Moringa tree for many years.

Daniel, a teacher there, has many trees at his compound. He harvests the leaves and sells them locally and produces a Moringa powder from the leaves. He also prepares small Moringa plants for sale, therefore spreading the use of the tree to many places in Cameroon.

Sero, a nurse who runs a medical clinic in Bamessing has some trees growing there and in time will use Moringa with the community there. If you are working with communities in suitable climates, I encourage you to get seeds to those people.

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The remedying benefits of moringa leaves include:

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