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King of Batoufam to host new arts & culture festival 2020

Ripplezoo with His Excellency Nayang Toukam Inocent in 2018

At a recent press conference, His excellency Nayang Toukam Inocent ,  King of Batoufam for the last 31 years, presented an Event which will take place at his Palace later this year. The Event, to be known as the Lepegue Festival, is the first of its kind and is the work of the entire people of Batoufam.

The aim of the festival is to share Heritage, Cultural Wealth in the form of dance and the Talents of young people. It will take place from December 12th – 20th 2020.

Lepegue means Freedom, Independence and Development and illustrates well the people of Batoufam who have bravely acquired and maintained their territory.

Batoufam was recently raised to one of the 20 top Eco-touristic destinations by L’Organisation Internationale du Tourisme which is recognised worldwide.

Ripplezoo have been working with the community of Batoufam for 2 years now and we congratulate them on this achievement. During our visits there in 2018 & 2019, we had the pleasure of witnessing their talent and passion for dance firsthand. We wish them luck and look forward to visiting again in 2021.

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