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Women in Saudi Arabia will be able to pilot civilian airlines. The General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) issued licenses for five women to work as crew commanders on Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft. Earlier, the GACA said that one of the Saudi women has a special pilot license named “PPL” which allows her to fly as part of a hobby.

Now, pilots license to women is a part of the GACA plan to provide them working in the aviation field. Besides, Saudi women have recently entered the aviation sector in different departments such as customer service, air traffic, air transport, termination of travel procedures and administrative work.

It is also should be noted that in the country rules and regulations have begun to soften against women lately. So, since June, females were allowed to drive cars. Besides, women for the first time obtained the right to work as notaries. Thanks to the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is trying to make changes in the country with the strategy of Vision 2030.

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