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All participants in the Yemen conflict violated human rights and committed crimes that could be regarded as military, the UN Human Rights Council states. “The group of experts has reason to believe that some representatives of Yemen and the coalition, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates could commit acts that violate the principles of difference proportionality and did not take the necessary precautions, which can be regarded as a war crime,” the UN’s report points out.

The UN also notes that air strikes of the coalition led to the greatest losses among civilians. According to the data, 6,66 thousand were killed, and more than 10 thousand were injured from March 2015 to August 2018. The authors of the UN report emphasize that the parties also committed acts that could be regarded as international crimes.

It should be recalled that the confrontation between the government forces and rebel parties continues since 2014. It moved into the most active phase with the invasion in March 2015 of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. Then it got the name “The storm of determination.” The operation against the established control over a large part of the country was supported by Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sudan also joined it. Any attempts by the UN to resolve the situation were unsuccessful.   

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