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Scientists are warning that even if all the conditions of the Paris Agreement on Climate are met, the average temperature of the Earth would be higher than pre-industrial level. As a result, the Planet may lead to a “hothouse”, and higher sea levels may make some areas on Earth uninhabitable.

The report, “Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene,” published in in the American Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said “hothouse” temperatures could stabilize 4°C to 5°C (39 to 41 Fahrenheit) higher than pre-industrial levels. “Human emissions of greenhouse gas are not the sole determinant of temperature on Earth. Our study suggests that human-induced global warming of 2°C may trigger other Earth system processes, often called “feedbacks,” that can drive further warming. Even if we stop emitting greenhouse gases,” Will Steffen, a lead author of the Australian National University states.

It should be noted that the Paris Agreement on Climate was signed in December 2015. 195 countries agreed to sign it. According to its conditions, all countries have to undertake to take measures to prevent an increase in the average temperature on the Earth by more than two degrees by 2100. However, in June, the US President Donald Trump announced a decision to withdraw from the agreement, considering it “extremely dishonest” in relation to the United States.

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