Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

Our Production Team

“It’s inspiring working with young musicians in conflict zones who are promoting peace over war, love over hate and are challenging the status quo”

Stephen Byrne


Stephen has over three decades experience building international businesses.

He has managed large-scale international projects leading multi-disciplinary teams across varying business sectors.

Stephen has a long-term interest in the pursuit of peace, in the evolution of the Northern Ireland peace process and how it can provide a beacon of hope to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


“In a world which is becoming increasingly polarized, music and cultural collaborations, like What About Us, create vital shared dialogues and experiences across communities. It is so inspiring seeing young musicians and artists taking on this challenge and I am immensely proud to support them in this great challenge.”

Edward Evans


Edward is a corporate partner in Beauchamps Solicitors, one of Ireland’s leading full-service business law firms.

He specialises in corporate, commercial, entertainment and sports law, providing advice on a broad range of company law and commercial legal issues to a range of domestic and international clients in various industries.

He has, over 25 years in practice built up a particular expertise and interest in the sports and entertainment sectors, advising a range of sporting national governing bodies, stadia, professional teams, promoters and sponsors.


To be part of something this big, with such potential – there’s no better feeling!

Julie Hamilton


Julie is a Communications Consultant with over 25 years experience at both agency and independent consultant levels.


She has worked with international agencies Fleishman-Hillard and Edelman and was a key member of the marketing team for the 2003 Special Olympics World Games in Ireland, the largest sporting event in the world that year.


Having grown up in Ireland in the times of the Troubles she is dedicated to finding opportunities for cross community co-operation. She is also passionate about leaving a better planet for her teenage children.


“Our work connects us with some very disadvantaged young people just wanting a better life for their family and community. What About Us is giving young people the opportunity to express themselves and make a positive contribution to their world”

Finola Harrington


Finola is a co-founder and driving force behind not-for-profit Ripplezoo. Coming from a nursing background she is both compassionate and passionate.

Finola manages all of the What About Us administration, the Schools Program, the Corporate Social Responsibility program and the Cameroon project which in the past two years has sent over €1m worth of medical equipment to local hospitals.

“What About Us questions all of humanity, both It’s good and bad sides. It is a genuine attempt to reconcile people and their differences to come together and be people united in and part of a movement that celebrates and combines those differences to create a global solidarity concerned with our delicate ability to survive on this planet as a species immersed in equilibrium as opposed to imbalance and discord”

Tom Creed


Tom is an Architect and designer. He has worked in private practice in Ireland, the UK and the USA.

He is an advocate of work within the design industry that can bring change and work to push environmental and social reform at many levels.

Tom has been involved in multiple overseas volunteer campaigns to both Haiti and Cameroon. He is also an Artist and is well connected within the entertainment industry.