Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

Our Creative Team

“The musicians behind this musical are what inspire me. They are incredible people with such diverse backgrounds giving freely of their time and talents. All United in a common cause to bring people together through music and shine a light on some key issues facing us in the world.”

Des Cullen


Des Cullen has been playing and composing music for over 30 years. He initially studied bass guitar and played with many bands.

He went on to study piano with the royal Irish Academy of Music and recently started a Masters on Music for digital media. He currently works out of a home studio.

Shoshi Israeli 2

“What About Us is a project that leads by example. It brings together artists from opposing sides in conflict zones to show that it is possible to forget our differences. At the same time, it is a call to action for people to start caring more about each other and about the world. The world doesn’t belong to us, we only have it on loan during our lifetime, and as tenants we should care for it and pass it on to the next generation in good shape. That next generation is asking “What About Us?”

Shoshi Israeli


Shoshi is one of the creative driving forces behind What About Us.

Artist, dance teacher and choreographer Shoshi is the founder of COBENA FLAMENCO. Her countless achievements as a performer and educator have earned her recognition both nationally and internationally. Originally from Jerusalem she now lives in Madrid.

She has led several peace projects with groups of Israeli and Palestinian artists and feels strongly that people can work together in peace and harmony even when politicians do not or cannot.

“It’s a real joy to work with amazingly talented musicians from such different cultural backgrounds. Music has no religion. Music has no politics. Make music not war”

Aaron Wilkinson


Professional singer and songwriter Aaron Wilkinson who is leading the music creation project has brought in an Irish team playing both traditional and modern instruments, to collaborate with the Israeli and Palestinian musicians.

Aaron is an award-winning Irish singer songwriter based in Toronto. A highly skilled music producer, Aaron has recorded over 12 albums spanning rock, alternative folk, experimental electronica and traditional Irish music.

“What About Us is an epic protest musical that embraces East and West, crosses sensitive borders and brings the hope of peace through incredible music and dance. It’s a musical for our times.”

Siofra O’Donovan


Siofra is a much sought-after author whose recent book about Kevin Barry, Yours Til Hell Freezes: A Memoir of Kevin Barry, was recently published by Currach Books.

Siofra is also a writing coach, creative writing workshop facilitator and creative meditation facilitator for the Writers in Prisons and the Writers in Schools Panels by Poetry Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland.