Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

What About Us,

Song Competition

Apply now for the chance to win €2,500 & feature in a new protest musical launching in 2024


Apply now for the chance to win 2,500 and feature in a new protest musical launching 2024

  • Email us at & include a copy of the lyrics
  • Upload a song to YouTube with the hashtag #whataboutusmusic
  • Upload a song to Instagram with the hashtag #whataboutusmusic
  • You can write the song in any language but it’s important to send the English version by email.


  • The competition is open to both aspiring and established songwriters and all genres of music.
  • The song must be submitted no later than Wednesday 31st March 2024. A shortlist of the best songs will be nominated by the judging panel by the end of April and the winner announced by the end of May.
  • All lyrics and music must be entrants own original work.
  • You will need to submit a recording (to YouTube or Instagram) and send a copy of your lyrics to
  • Entrants do not need a professional recording as they will be judged on their originality, lyrics, melody, composition and likability NOT on the production quality of a recording.
  • The decision of the judges will be final.
  • Entry into the competition constitutes your permission to include your song in the What About Us musical, promote it on social media and feature it for films/documentaries on What About Us.


  • The potential to have your song featured in the What About Us Musical, which is targeting an International tour from Q4 2022.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with the What About Us creative team, and in workshops, in the development of the Musical.
  • The winning song will be performed and filmed with a full orchestra.
  • The song will be released on a What About Us album.
  • The song will be professionally recorded
  • A video will be produced and the song promoted on social media. The winner of the competition will be paid a cash prize of €2,500
  • All expenses to and from What About Us related work will be paid.



The winning song will be decided by the judging panel based on any combination of melody, composition, originality, lyrics and likability.


The judging panel includes members of the What About Us creative team and Internationally recognized music artists.



While the competition is open to any song and lyrics the following are some of the specific themes the musical is exploring

  • Mothers seeing their sons go off to war.
  • Two lovers finding each other after a long time separated.
  • A time for Change
  • My voice matters
  • Peace not War, love not hate
  • Fight for our Planet
  • Lovers separated by a wall
  • Protest song against corruption