Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    


What About Us is teaming up with Jeeps for Peace to fund, buy and deliver three 4X4’s to Ukraine. Once in Ukraine, each vehicle will be modified before being sent to the front-line. There they will be used to deliver critical supplies of food and medicines, evacuate civilians in danger and retrieve wounded soldiers from the front-line, who are then rapidly transported to the vital medical teams. Each vehicle directly saves lives and is invaluable.

The Irish team are looking to buy 3 local jeeps and fill them with medical supplies, mostly donated from local hospitals. A volunteer team of 6 will drive to the UK, meet up with the Jeeps for Peace UK team, then travel in convoy to Ukraine, over 20 4x4s in total. 

Jeeps for Peace

Jeeps for Peace are a group of ordinary people with a collective mission – to save lives in Ukraine. To date, they have delivered over 100 Jeeps and 4 ambulances to Ukraine. Now they’re preparing to return in Q4, 2023, with an aim to deliver another 25 + 4WDs vehicles and other lifesaving equipment to the front line. 

A core goal of What About Us is using their platform and projects to highlight the causes and consequences of war.  The Mission –Through music and the arts to build bridges of peace and love between communities at war and in conflict. The primary creative project is the development of an Anti-war live protest music experience, currently under development with up-and-coming creative talent from over 20 countries including from countries currently at war.

The What About Us – Jeeps for Peace project is being supported by Shannon Energy a renewable energy company focused on developing utility scale solar projects in Ireland and Europe.