Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

Ken Doherty
World snooker Champion

“I was delighted to support the nature walks and beach cleanups the team invited me on. It is so important that we can help build awareness of the challenges the world is facing today. The What About Us musical in a timely project and a platform for young people to speak up for causes important to them”.

Ken was born on 17th September 1969. He is an Irish professional snooker player, TV commentator and radio presenter.

As an amateur, Ken won the Irish Amateur Championship twice, the World Under-21 Amateur Championship and the World Amateur Championship. Since turning professional in 1990, Ken has won a total of six ranking tournaments, including the 1997 World Snooker Championship in which he defeated Stephen Hendry, inflicting Hendry’s first loss in a world final.
Ken is the only player ever to win the World Junior, World Amateur and World Professional Titles.

Ken is a What About Us Brand Ambassador.