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A Christmas Thank You From Ukraine

Written by Vasyl,

My dear and true friends! The year is coming to an end, and writing words of gratitude is becoming more difficult, because considering the amount of work you have done since February 24, 2022, it is difficult to find words to express appreciation and sincere thanks. You are incredibly sincere, kind and brave people, Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, Americans, Australians, Germans, Tibetans, Italians, Poles, Dutch, I’m sorry if I missed someone’s country, but you all became Ukrainians at a time when a very big trouble befell us. It was you who put your shoulder up, when people in Ukraine need at least some kind of support so as not to fall, and a fall will mean that evil will spread and grow. It is under such circumstances that you can determine who is really a true friend.

Until 2 years ago, we did not know each other and lived an ordinary everyday life, took care of our families, went out with friends, tried to create a comfortable life of our own, we were in different parts of the world, until grief came to Ukraine, to the country about maybe not many people really spoke or mentioned.

An emotional stop over in Auschwitz Birkenau

It will soon be 2 years since fate brought me together with a group of people who changed my life, you showed and continue to show an incredible manifestation of kindness, sincerity and desire to really help, together with you I had the honor and experience to do many good things, with you I saw true mercy, and I also see the result, for which I convey to you the most sincere gratitude from the people who needed and received help thanks to you.

It was also an honor to cooperate with people who did not see problems, but only saw solutions, you found time, made efforts, personally went on a long journey, regardless of the fact that there were various situations on the way, we went through them together, sometimes it looked unusual, maybe it even seemed dangerous to someone, but the higher forces always helped us, because the reason we were traveling with was very important. We are losing people in Ukraine, you saw it when you visited the cemeteries. Fortunately, many young people with full strength and life will not end up in these cemeteries now, because of this damn war, they will survive because they will be saved thanks to you, I am writing this because I know that this has already happened many times, it is happening now and it will happen, and this is someone’s husband, father, son, returned and will return home, because there are people in our group who took care of it and continue to take care of it. Тhere are people whose kindness knows no bounds, whom I have not met until now and did not believe that they exist, and now I’m lucky enough to hug them, shake their hands, I have their phone number, they were in my house and I was in theirs, they became my family, my life, and my light in dark times, I take an example from them and I will always be grateful to them.

The 28 jeep Convoy

I wish you all a merry Christmas🎄, may God take care of you, give you good health, good emotions, may all your dreams come true, may the good deeds you have done multiply and return to you many times over!!!

I look forward to our next meetings, hugs to all of you!!!🤗🥰🙏🤝🤝🤝

Peace Over War