Music has the power to Unify People, Spark Change, Inspire Peace, End Wars    

The earth is screaming for help

The Corona Virus is causing untold misery, sickness, death and isolation in every country on the planet. And the worst is yet to come. This is the clearest, starkest message to date that not all is well in our world. If the political leadership comes out the other side of this pandemic and reverts to the old ways and traditions, then there is a very dark future facing Our Beautiful World.

On a positive note, it is incredibly uplifting to see so many acts of kindness as the community kicks in and starts looking out for the poor, vulnerable, sick, infirm and the elderly. And what about the wonderful health care professionals who are putting their own lives on the line. So many have already died, yet they all continue to take enormous personal risks and sacrifices to care for the ill. 

Can you imagine a politician taking personal risks like our health heroes? To help a fellow man or woman? 

How can so many of us be wrong? We all know that climate change is a serious problem, that the beautiful planet we inherited is in a real danger of dying. It is now critically sick and yet the politicians dawdle, make excuses and kick for touch. It really beggar’s belief.

Our planet is in a fight for survival. One of the biggest battles is fossil fuels and their colossal power and influence versus clean renewables. Too slowly politicians are making the right decisions and only because the evidence, the data, is so weighty in favour of renewables. Also, those people presenting the facts are so expert in their specialist fields, and their voice so clear, consistent and coherent that their messaging can no longer be ignored. Just look at Richard Attenborough and his beautiful filming giving the fight-back some beautiful though disturbing imagery.           

Our planet is in a fight for survival.

The resistance to fast track clean renewable energy over filthy dirty fossil fuel is an example where big business and the hugely influential lobby groups are ruthless in protecting their assets and income streams over what’s good for mankind.

Too many politicians are making decisions based on the personal advantages they enjoy rather than tackling head on issues that are good for us ordinary folk.  The “dollar” speaks loudest, and the leadership is just giving lip service to the change that is needed. A few leaders are trying to do the right thing though courageous, appropriate leadership is in the minority. 

More recently, it is inspiring to see the ordinary people now having a louder voice, becoming more vocal on issues such as climate change and how we can all contribute to helping the planet recover.

The Australian fires destroyed hundreds of thousands of defenceless animals, trees and plants. African famine, plague and drought is killing millions. The ice cap is falling away. Forests are being razed. All the valuable minerals plundered. War is on the increase as the few fight amongst themselves for its spoils. Those with already too much want more, more power, influence, wealth and position. This needs to stop.   

We all need to do more to increase the pressure on our respective leaders, to speed up change for the good of the planet, protest against war and protect the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.                 

Small ripples, lots of us speaking out and doing small acts of good and kindness can turn the tide in favour of the planet and the great majority of the people living on it.        

Peace Over War