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Bali has announced it is banning single-use plastics!

Bali ranks as the second in the world (after China) for dumping plastic into the sea. From 8 million tons of plastic that is being thrown into oceans worldwide each year, 16 percent comes from Indonesia.

With its stunning beaches, the Indonesian island of Bali draws tourists from around the world. But plastics ruin the view. Changes are coming though!

The island has finally announced it is banning single-use plastics including plastic shopping bags, styrofoam and straws. The ban aims for a 70% reduction in Bali’s marine plastics in 2019. Trash from hotels and villages is often dumped in rivers, which end up on the resort island’s beaches due to coastal tides and currents.

Indonesia last year launched a national action plan, pledging up to US$1 billion to cut ocean waste by 70 per cent by 2025. National or local governments in more than 40 countries around the world have imposed bans on single-use plastic bags, including the Philippines, Malaysia, India and China.

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