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Ripplezoo supplying school books for children in Batoufam

From now on 90 students in the “Paroisse St Pierre et Paul” Primary school, have their own set of school books. This was not the case a month ago where 1-2 students owned a book per class and shared it with the other 25-30 classmates. 


A cost of a full set of books for one student varies between 20-30 euros. This, however, is too much for a regular Cameroonian family and most students go to school without any supplies. It makes the progress of their education much more difficult, as they can’t go home and study due to the lack of materials. Apart from books, school bags, pencil cases, and school stationary are a big problem too. 

Our 2018 fundraising efforts allowed RippleZoo to purchase school books for each student, as well as, provide the school with school stationaries for the students.  

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