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Delhi authorities are beginning an “emergency plan of action” to tackle the growing air pollution, reports NDTV. According to the data, the air quality in the capital showed a significant decline over the past week. Moreover, the pollution index, which reflects the number of harmful substances in the air, exceeded 201 points. It should be noted that an index of 0-50 points is considered “good” category, 51-100 m is “satisfactory”, 101-200 is “average”, 201-300 is “bad”, 301-400 is “very bad”, and 401-500 means “terrible.”

Experts point to a sharp rise in air pollution because of fires in the rural areas of the states of Mariyana and Punjab, where farmers at this time of year burn stubble after harvest. However, representatives of the agrarian sector disagree with the arguments and see the root of the problem in human-made factors. “We will not allow the government to impose fines against farmers for stubble burning. The pollution occurs because of cars and industrial enterprises, but it’s not because of farmers,” told Jarmanjit Singh, a representative of the local farmers’ unions.

The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kedzhrival stated that the governments of several northern states had not taken any severe measures to overcome the problem yet. “We are trying to coordinate our efforts with the federal government, as well as with the states of Haryana and Punjab, but it has not been taken any measures. Therefore, the whole region, including Delhi, will once again turn into a gas chamber,” said the Chief Minister.

It should be noted that the Delhi authorities now intend to ban burning of garbage, restrict the operation of diesel generators, raise fees for the use of parking spaces, and increase the efficiency of public transport.

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