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The Musical is the glue that binds our team together   

What About Us is a live stage musical currently being developed by over 50 young artists from countries that have been affected by war and terror such as Israel, Palestine and Ireland.  The Musical which will launch in 2024 addresses many of this generation’s societal issues such as climate change, increasing armed conflicts and refugees forced to leave their home because of war or persecution.

Wrapped up in a beautiful love story

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What About That Week!

By Ali Lyons 

July 12,2021

As week two of the workshops for the new protest musical What About Us commence,  I felt it was time for a quick recap on our amazing first week. We moved into our new home the Institute of Music and Song in Balbriggan last Monday 5th July. We’ll be here for four weeks!  

The Beauty Of Music Against The Backdrop Of War

By Ali Lyons 

June 9, 2021

Terror, fear, violence, hatred, mental torture, horrific physical injury, and death. A small number of words to describe the extreme misery the people of Israel and Palestine are suffering. That’s what happens when two countries go to war – innocent people suffer. And it’s so unnecessary, jaw dropping outrageous actually observing political leaderships seeking advantage. With so much despair and loss covered graphically on TV and on social media you really must wonder who is the beneficiary? Certainly not the ordinary people who only want peace and a better future for their families

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