What About Us, The Musical

What About Us is an anti-war protest musical inspired, written, and performed by artists representing the What About Us generation, a new voice for change.       

Over 50 talented young composers, writers and singers are developing the creative. They come from countries that have been affected by war, conflict, and terror including Israel, Palestine, and Ireland, where the musical’s story is based.

The story addresses key societal issues this generation is facing such as increasing armed conflicts, people trafficking, leadership corruption, and refugees forced to leave their home because of war or persecution, wrapped up in a beautiful love story.

The story

Peace Over War

Based on an original love story, a central theme of What About Us is the promotion of peace over war, as the musical journeys through Israel, Palestine & Ireland, parallel conflicts with their own unique histories & challenges.


We also witness societal challenges including the horrors of war, increasing armed conflict, persecution, refugees forced to leave their homes and leadership corruption.

We follow our heroes’ journeys through their personal trials and tribulations to an inspiring and emotive final scene climax.


The Musical Is A Beautiful Fusion Of Irish And Eastern Storytelling, Music And Culture

Supported by a professional team, this original & vibrant musical is a fusion of different cultures & influences. It will be performed Internationally by an orchestra, musicians, choir, singers and dancers.

Workshops And Schedule

2021 was a busy year with workshops in-person workshops replacing the virtual meetings that were a feature of the Covid pandemic

Multiple Workshops were held in Jerusalem & Palestine, and in Ireland the Irish Institute of Music and Song (IIMS) hosted a month of in-house workshop with over 20 young & emerging talents working alongside the What About Us professional team who were supported by top West End professionals.       

2022 will see further development of the musical, with workshops being planned in multiple countries.