mission & goals


Through music, to build bridges of peace between communities at war and in conflict with the short-term focus on Ireland and Israel / Palestine.


Artistic support

Providing artistic support, training and opportunities to disadvantaged Children.


Provide young people with instruments and musical education including individual lessons and group/band/orchestra training.


Learning and playing music together in workshops supported by professional musicians and artists. Attending workshops in Israel, Palestine and Ireland, Access to opportunities within the Arts community through exposure and introductions Support for the provision of sustainable employment and productive career paths


Creating original music and performing Concerts. Including the creative development and participation in the original What About Us musical Supporting a series of student talks when attending workshops/concert touring

Promote Peace

Using social media to deliver positive messaging focused on the projects and their impact through the What About Us website and social media channels.

Support to Artists

Occasional PR campaigns to highlight specific initiatives. Including support for improved health and quality of life of participating artists, their families and community

Positive initiative

Helping to build character, confidence, integrity, motivation, desire and belief in young people from both sides of any conflict divide through the exposure to positive initiatives and common goals.